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Serĉu en la retpaĝoj de FEL

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Which of the available delivery methods should I choose?

We only add the real cost of postage to the prices mentioned in our price lists. The customer can choose between first, second or third class (the cheapest possible), or registered post.

  • First class: orders are sent immediately by the fastest means (if the goods are in stock). Depending on the distance, these deliveries can take several days.
  • Second class: orders are delivered, on average, within two to four weeks, although there have been cases where the goods have been in transit for four months.
  • Third class: orders are sent by an economical bulk-mailing service. These deliveries are the cheapest, but also the slowest. Goods sent third class can take several months to arrive.
  • Registered post: orders are sent immediately by the fastest method, and are registered at the post-office. Depending on the destination country, the customer can find out the location of the package at any time, either from the post-office, or from the Internet. You can request your registration code from our

Delivery: Goods are sent at the client's own risk. For valuable deliveries (large quantities, or expensive items), and for countries where packages are often lost (USA, Canada, developing countries, countries at war...), we recommend registered post (see above).

Latest update of this page: 17-04-2019