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Serĉu en la retpaĝoj de FEL
Serĉu en la retpaĝoj de FEL

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The Esperanto Web Store

Welcome to the the Esperanto Web Store! If you click the link below you can ask about books, cassettes, records and CDs in Esperanto that are commercially available. You can also look at lists according to your preferences, for example a list of novels, original poetry, etc. You can look at a picture of your favourite book, read a review about it (in Esperanto) or ask for more details such as ISBN number, number of pages, etc.

To find new items you can select NEW! in the category list. In the same menu you can choose basic literature, which are books that according to the famous author William Auld should be read by everyone.

Of course you can also buy things here. For that you simply fill in the desired quantity in the square above the title and put it into your shopping cart.

If you don't want to order something now, but just want to check your data in our computer, go straight to the database.

Have a nice visit!


  • You may also be interested in our list of available second hand books and in the list of books that you can consult in our library.
  • The discount that you will find under the prices is only valid for those items for which a client buys 3 or more and which are sent to one address and billed to one person or organisation.
  • When you see an item with the price 0.00 EUR this doesn't mean that the item is sold for free, but that the price is not yet known.

Latest update of this page: 05-06-2019